What is VET-PAC?

VET-PAC is the non-partisan political arm of the MVMA. Its primary purpose is to raise funds that are then contributed to campaigns of candidates’ running for public office in Michigan. This is just one way that MVMA makes sure that the voice of Michigan veterinarians is heard in Lansing. Remember, when we pool our resources and support candidates who will listen to the concerns of our profession, the voice of the veterinary community becomes more powerful. VET-PAC’s strength comes from Michigan veterinarians who contribute their resources, enabling the MVMA to educate and work with policy makers in our state. This allows our profession to speak out on issues of fundamental importance to veterinarians.

How can you be a leader in VET-PAC?

Choose a level of giving that is comfortable for you. Let us recognize you for the veterinary leader that you are. Fill out the VET-PAC contribution form below and send it to VET-PAC, 2144 Commons Parkway, Okemos, MI 48864 or hit the donate button above to join our effort.

VET-PAC Contribution Form